You have heard a lot from me on this site. I want you to get the chance to hear from others. When I first started counseling, I wanted to provide therapy to people regardless of their ability to pay. I raised financial support to sustain this model. Below you will find the words of former and current clients who benefit from donated funds, as well as some of those who supported this ministry.

While I am no longer raising financial support, I still believe in this work and hope to return to it in the near future.

“How do you benefit from counseling?”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much our time meant to me. You used the position of counselor well, guiding our conversations and asking exactly the right question at the perfect time. You’ve ‘watered’ me, my growth in self-esteem and finding my way back to myself through counseling.”
– Former Client

“I first would like to start off by saying that is an absolute blessing that I am able to meet with Lindsey. This therapy has helped me in so many ways in walking through the ‘’tough’’ things in my life. I’ve never had therapy where I fell 100% completely open to letting someone in and helping me. Learning new ways to communicate, love and respond differently have been all things that I’ve learned and it’s helping to grow within myself as well as in relationships. I believe that Lindsey makes it easy to be vulnerable and open. I love the aspect of goals or homework, if you will, because it’s not just okay we meet, but there is something that I can actually do to enforce the things we have talked about or have been working through. I have benefitted so much from this therapy and still am. It really is a blessing that this scholarship fund made it possible for me to get an awesome counseling experience. I’m beyond thankful.”
– Client

“I grew up in a home filled with abuse and alcoholism.  While I did not walk down the same road when I became an adult, damage had been done.  I never understood what a normal, healthy relationship should look like, never understood what it meant to be loved and cherished, and became a pleaser.  About a year and a half ago I was in a very difficult place in a relationship as well as at work and felt I had really hit my rock bottom.  This is when my journey of healing with counseling began. Counseling has given me a place to be me, has helped me discover who I am and what I want.  It has been a safe place to go to and be honest, completely honest about my past, my hurts, my angers, my fears.  I am not judged.  I am told that I matter and that it is okay to feel. Beyond that, counseling has helped me identify what is good for me and what I need to focus on in order to live a life of joy and love.”
– Client

“Why do you support this ministry?”

“Our family supported this ministry because we recognized Lindsey as an individual who wanted to take her specific life experiences and gifts and use them for the benefit of others.  Her enthusiasm and passion for this calling led her to return to the classroom as an adult learner to be professionally trained in counseling. When gifts, education and calling are combined, this is an almost sure recipe for success!  We feel fortunate to be able to participate with Lindsey in this endeavor. ”
– Tricee and Steve Fuson, Memphis


“I am passionate about the importance of Christian counseling in the life of the church.  I sometimes describe counseling as discipleship on steroids.  Nothing brings the wisdom, compassion and ethics of the Gospel to bear on our lives more intimately than sitting with an unflappable, sensitive and experienced Christian therapist.  I would have paid practically any amount for the sum total of the counseling I’ve had in my own life – but each session was an expensive investment.  And it is often true that those most in need are those least able to pay. I am, therefore, thankful for ministries like this one which make that kind of quality experience available to all. Please consider offering your support, too.”
– Louise Holzhauer, Orlando


“The reason I support Lindsey in her counseling ministry is simple: Lindsey has a true heart for the Lord.  For two years, I shared time with Lindsey through a women’s Bible study group, and I know that she is actively seeking His will in her life and through her career as a counselor.  Over a decade ago, I too was in need of counseling.  Were it not for the professional counseling I received, I can’t say where I would be today.  By giving to this cause I know that others are able to receive the gift of Christian counseling that they otherwise would not be able to afford.  When giving to Lindsey’s counseling service, I know that I am supporting the work of The Kingdom. ”
– Amy Cresswell, Memphis


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