One ___ at a Time

I am three weeks into this new life adventure and I feel like I am starting to settle into some sort of routine. Each day brings a new level of comfort and a deeper breath to be taken.

One of the privileges of living with the girls at the house is that I get to take them to Narcotics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery meetings a couple of times a week. This may not seem like a privilege to some people, but it truly is one. When I took the girls to Celebrate Recovery (CR) for the first time, I thought I would just sit in and be a support to them, but within minutes I realized just how much I need to continue my own recovery and I was the one sitting in the chair crying while one of the girls in the program comforted me.

I sat in on a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting with them this week, and while I have attended NA meetings before, I was still shocked at how much I was touched by, and related to, everyone’s sharing. I listened to men and women share their stories and their struggles openly and honestly, while encouraging and challenging each other as well.

Since that meeting, I have had several conversations with clients and friends about how life isn’t about big changes or life-altering transitions, but about the small and seemingly insignificant choices we make in each and every moment of every day. In recovery, we say that the process happens “one day at a time”. In food recovery, my sponsor and I talk about change happening “one meal at a time”. We may not all relate to the recovery process, but I think we all should, because we all make choices one ____ at a time that add up to big change, either good or bad. In regards to weight, I didn’t become overweight by eating one french fry and I am not losing weight by eating one piece of lettuce. I lose or gain weight with each food choice I make.

Relationships, recovery, marriage, dating, work, weight loss or gain, and credit scores are no difference. They happen one choice, one decision, one ____ at a time.

There’s grace in that, but there is also A LOT of responsibility. One poor choice won’t make or break your entire future, but it will create an irreversible impact on how you move forward, or stay stagnant, in life. That means every action and word, whether said or unsaid, done or not done, means something.

So here’s to another day, week, month, year…one _____ at a time.


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