The Frozen Chosen

The only reason I have seen the movie Frozen more than once is because of the character Olaf. Olaf is the goofy little snowman who was created from the imagination of two sisters and then brought to life through magic. I love Olaf because he is totally unaware of the opinions of others, so he just does and says what he feels is right. For most of us, this would get us in trouble, but for Olaf, it usually means that he helps one of his friends see the truth through all of the other junk in the world. Olaf embodies the true childhood spirit of play. I love that.

Olaf aside, I really don’t like the movie Frozen. I cringe at the thought of a whole generation of kids singing the words “Conceal, don’t feel” by memory. Now that December is upon us, Frozen-themed paraphernalia is EVERYWHERE, especially in Orlando. I am guessing that because Frozen involves ice and snow it is now a Christmas marketing tool?

Ok, my cynicism is starting to show. So here’s the point. The men and women over at Disney (who, by the way are BRILLIANT and incredibly talented at their craft) have created another movie that sets children and adults, especially females, up for disappointment. The two main female characters are “perfectly” proportioned, well-off, and passionate. The two main male characters are attractive, pack loads of machismo, and have perfectly quaffed hair. So, from the beginning of the movie, a standard is set for young minds ready to absorb this material.

And it isn’t just children. I recently stumbled across an article about Pixee Fox, a Swedish model who now lives in the States. Pixee recently had six of her ribs removed to achieve the world’s smallest recorded waist size. She has had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery in an effort to ultimately look like a cartoon. In the articles I read, Fox cited Tinker Bell and Jessica Rabbit as her inspirations.


Pixee Fox

My heart broke when I saw photos of Miss Fox. I would love to sit down with her and listen to her story. I am curious to know what she is running from so quickly that she has molded her body into something not even human. I grieve her natural beauty and what has been lost.

So, what’s beauty? Is it Jessica Rabbit? Elsa? Cinderella? Or is there even a person on this planet who embodies beauty?

For the past several weeks, I have been sitting with a client who longs to be called, and believe that she is, lovely. We have been wrestling with that word, what it means, and what it looks like. There seems to be more to the word lovely than to the descriptors “hot”, “cute”, “attractive”, or even “beautiful”. Lovely seems to encompass the inside as well as the outside. It seems to address who the person is, who they affect other people, and what impact they have when they walk into a room.

My experience with Disney-esque characters is that they portray “pretty”, “cute”, or even “sexy”. I wonder what it would look like to feature a male or female character who is purely lovely. I am guessing that character would have something more than a 15-inch waist and a perfect head of hair. There would have to be something else – something mysterious as well as tangible.

I wonder what would be different if Pixee Fox had seen lovely female leads as opposed to the sexy ones? What would be different if little girls played with lovely Barbies, rather than buxom ones?

I don’t have an answer to this. I am just posing the question that keeps being raised in my office, the news and even in my own story. Would anyone buy tickets to a movie with truly lovely leads, regardless of their waist size?


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